Friday, May 04, 2012

An observation

Well, as Woody pointed out, Swamprat's letter got a lot of attention judging by the comments.

It went about as I expected. Half of the comments seemed to favor my view and about half opposed it. I gotta tell you though, the folks that agreed with me seemed to state their point with more conviction. I do appreciate y'all being civil to me and each other as well. Sonofabitch, I think we've all finally grown up.....

We all have our views and I can understand your arguments. Really, I can and I'm not condemning anybody for them. But I have to stand by my beliefs, man. Upbringing and all that good shit. Maybe stubborness, I don't know.
I will study the different candidates and partys and if there's one that I can truly support, I'll vote for him or her. It's the American Way. Freedom of choice, right?
Last election I voted Libertarian.