Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf (sigh)

I came home tonight and opened my comments to moderate them and caught more shit for my post about The Big Bad Wolf and as usual it was anonymous. Actually there were 2 comments but I'm sure they were from the same person.
I get shitty comments all the time (go see for yourself) but it's nothing in comparison to the emails I get about it. Some of them are demanding that I take it down, some are just more name calling and I've gotten more than a few death threats over it, one last week as a matter of fact, telling me that the same fate awaits me if I don't pull the post. And that was one of the mildest ones. Big fucking deal. I always figured I'd get shot to death anyways.
I want to go off track for a second. There are some seriously disturbed motherfuckers out there in the animal rights(?) movement. If you don't believe me, go to PETA's website (google it) and check out their video page - you can find hundreds of videos of animals being abused and tortured, shit that I myself do not have the stomach to watch, but these motherfuckers bust a nut watching them. They seriously get off on them, judging by the amount they have. And they talk shit about hunters?
Okay. Enough ranting. Back on subject.

Getting back to the death threats and abuse if I don't pull the post, I will respond with this:

Is that "FUCK YOU!!!" loud enough for you?