Sunday, June 03, 2012

Naivete by TL Davis

Here's the question: Is it better to let someone lead who is so intent upon it that his leadership will provide cohesion to the Liberty Community? We are now a ragged bunch of individuals seeking only self-defense against a tyranny better thought out, better prosecuted than our efforts toward liberty. We are behind, struggling with some manner of discourse with our fellow citizens that will wake them up, that will save them so that we might have reinforcements. But, we are approaching the moment when we can no longer look out for the sports enthusiasts and game show attendees among us.

If we banded together tightly, how many would there be? 300? I doubt it. What is that? One thousandth of one percent of the population?
Please go HERE to hear what TL Davis has to say about unity and the need for a leader.

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Erinyes said...

There is a need for a leader as well as a well-funded AND well-organized group system.

Well-organized...that sounds familiar.

Problem right now, as I see it, is two-fold: Egos and money. Or lack of it.

Just my two cents.