Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Uh-oh I've done it now.....

The latest exchange from my now infamous Big Bad Wolf post.
There was more to it but there were a shitload of other comments in between and I didn't feel like editing them all out. You can go there yourself and check them all out.

Anonymous said...

do u have to curse so much? I wonder how would you boys do with those animals, without ur guns - u people are all talk

wirecutter said...

Anonymous: We'd do a hell of a lot better than you would, you can't even spell simple words like You and Your.
YOU need to go back to school and while YOU'RE there, YOU should learn to mind YOUR own business.

lmao! I don't know how to spell! I know how to spell, but u have no clue what is nova days internet etiquette.
You present urself as a dumb redneck, with all your cursing and those animals you kill, are way better than you are. If you are so "brave" why don't you hunt with your bare hands. Why do you hide behind your big gun? Btw, bragging about making 4 times the minimum wage is hilarious! Where I live, that would make you a total loser, no one would be impressed with your guns or your philosophy. You would probably be a handyman in one of our mansions or summer house in Hampton's. So long Mr.Four Times the Minimum Wage
p.s. instead of sending someone to school, cursing others, why don't you have a conversation based on valid points and courtesy - oh no, you won't have one - because world is a jungle! LOL

wirecutter said...

Nobody is impressed by the fact you live in the Hamptons on money you didn't earn, Sweetie. Maybe your daddy is, but I'm guessing he's getting tired of your freeloading ass anyways.
If you want a courteous conversation, why didn't you start one instead of talking shit?
And excuse me for assuming you're a female - if you're not you sure missed a bet.
And as long as you're trash talking MY bravery, why aren't you using your real name instead of hiding under anonymous?
By the way, you can justify your misspelled words, but they are still misspelled and make you look like a dumb fucking cunt to everybody but your texting friends.
-Kenny Lane
Ceres, CA

yep, as I thought, u r nothing but a redneck, talking with u is beneath me and I am sorry for u, u r nothing but a h8er (I don't expect u to know what it means). Daddy did not pay for a thing, there are smart, educated people making tons of money and they do not need to curse and wave their dick to prove to something. I will be reporting ur web to various agencies, I'll make sure you will pay for you are doing, hunting wolves in Ohio is illegal and since you you enjoy foul language so much hope you have a great evening you dumb fucktard :)

wirecutter said...

Sweetheart, just where in the fuck did you get the idea I'm from Ohio? Or that I killed a wolf illegally?
Go ahead and report all you want, all you'll do is show off your ignorance to a whole new group of people.