Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh God, what's next?

WASHINGTON (HuffPo) — A transgender man made a bold move on Friday during an extravagant White House reception in honor of LGBT Pride Month: he dropped down on one knee and proposed to his partner.
Scout, whose full name is legally one word, popped the question to Liz Margolies just minutes after President Barack Obama addressed the guests, many of whom are leaders in the LGBT community. Scout said he had been planning to propose to Margolies at the White House for almost a year, but when the moment presented itself, he realized he hadn’t chosen a place to do it. So he just got down on his knee in the middle of Cross Hall, the main hallway on the first floor of the White House, where dozens of guests were sipping champagne and listening to the U.S. Marine Band.
“I memorized some things but I kind of forgot half of them,” Scout told The Huffington Post right after. He listed some of them: “Because the last three and a half years, you have been an amazing adventure. Because you try harder than anyone in the world. Because while I’m a little scared to spend the rest of my life with you, because you’re so damn fierce, I’m also amazingly excited about the possibility.”


da_truth36 said...

Don't ask, I have a sinking feeling we'll be finding out soon enough.

Giddy Up said...

"'ve been such an're so damn fierce..." Please remind the next occupant to send in a disinfectant crew. Fags.

hiswiserangel said...

Oh, and I bet Buh-rock was soooooo jealous.

timbo said...

Scout? Liz? He?

Chris said...


rpm2day said...

Mr. Slave says "Oh, Jesus Crist".