Monday, June 25, 2012

Well, fuck you too!!!


rpm2day said...

Leave the car, bring the Canolli.

WRENCH said...

He resembles that smart ass Charley Sheen

MissK said...

LOL WRENCH, I was gonna say, that could very well be Wirecutter as a lad there.

Toejam said...

Actually, I think he's an Irish gypsy (AKA: Traveller, Knacker, Pikey) They like to bare-knucke fight wearing just a pait of Nylon "sports" pants from Addis or Nike.

Ye's a young fish, but they start fighting about the time they can first walk. They marry young, drink a lot and die young. Their Surnames (last names) Are generally: Ward, McDonough, Cash, Stokes, O'brien and Connors. They don't work legitimately and collect Social welfare. Drop out of school or never go in the first place. Can't read or write.

A real blight on Irish Society. And there's plently in the USA too. Odd jobs and paving driveways is their general trade. More like pouring used crankcase oil on pea gravel.

If you ever meet one .......RUN in the other direction.