Monday, July 02, 2012

My office pictured in the post below

Yeah, so that's my new office in the post below. I figured I'd better get some pictures before I thoroughly fucking trash it by making it comfortable for me, you know, bandoleers of ammo lying all over the place, disassembled firearms on top of my treasure chest up against the wall and all my books piled next to my chair.
We've been here about six months and the room's been a storage room twice and a guest bedroom once. My fault I reckon, I kept putting off hauling the "storage" out to one of the Justice Sheds and hauling my shit back in. Put it off for six months, took me about 30 minutes once I put my mind to it..... Shit, I still got my magic touch. I used to be better at fucking off when I was in the army, but you know, you get older and certain skills begin to slip.
Actually it took me a couple of days because of dealing with different things, but once I get my spare magazines and other assorted weaponry postioned properly, I'll be set.
I mean I got everything else already, my III flag right up front, Pop's old chair with back heater and vibrating seat (heh heh heh), my political references as well as my survival, hunting, shooting, reloading and especially my history books. I got me a little HD TV angled away from the door so I can discreetly watch shit I ain't supposed to watch. My fishing rods, guns and motherfucking Git Kit are all within reach. I got a clear field of fire of the entire backyard from there.
But the main thing is the Parchment above my chair. Without that, the room don't mean a damned thing. Hel,l without that Parchment that room wouldn't exist, wouldn't have a reason to.

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CountryRebel said...

Speaking of reloadin, I don't know if you have covered it in a post or not but maybe you could do a post on it. I'm interested into gettin set up to reload but not sure whats the best/easiest kit to buy or use or brands to avoid.
Every man deserves their own 'woman free' room!