Saturday, July 07, 2012

Small Cell Encryption 101

So your cell is organized, everybody knows their job, you're properly isolated from the big picture, you're set up with your throwaway phones, but you want a secure way to blanket communicate without breaking the bank. What to do, what to do.....
Well, the first thing you do is count of how many people are in your cell, then you go down to the bookstore and you buy however many copies of the same book that you'll need. Four people, four books.
It doesn't make a bit of difference which book you buy, we're looking for words, not a storyline here, but they have to be exactly the same.
I know me telling you to pay cash instead of using your debit or credit card is starting to get old, but pay cash anytime you're doing anything covert. Don't do anything to leave a paper trail.

Okay, so now you have your (code)books. To compose a message, find a word that you need, note the page number, count the lines and number of words from the left (or right) and write it down. Do this until you have all the words necessary and then transcribe them into your message.
Your messsage with then look something like this:
The receiver(s) get out their book and go to page 49, line 12, 3rd word from the left and record the first word which is Oh, then repeat until they've gotten the message "Oh Shit She's Pregnant".
Simple, yeah? It is, really. Simplfy it even further and use a random single page document as your code sheet and do letters instead of words. 2/24 means Line 2 letter 24. Easy.
Or everybody go down and buy a magazine and work from a pre-determined page. You get the idea.

You can encrypt it further by using each number to denote a letter that's in another code instead of a word, you can tweak it around however you want but keep in mind that only the people that know what book is being used at the moment can break the code. Unless somebody knows exactly which print of what title you're using, you can transmit your information freely over the internet, your cell, or whatever. You can even scream it from your rooftop if you want to. Yes, doing all of the above will attract unwanted attention, but the word will get out unhindered.

It is important that the books are identical. Each word has to be in the same place in every book, so the dumbass that goes down and buys large print or a paperback when everybody else is using hardcover will not get the word that she's preggers.
If operators are not able to obtain all the books from the same source, then verification needs to take place to insure everybody has the same copy and proper caution needs to come into play while doing this verification.

Obviously, this is for small cell use only. The more people know what book or page you're using, the more chance there is of somebody screwing it up somehow. Switch off at prearranged times if you're really paranoid.
Buy books that would normally be found in your library so they won't look out of place. If you're into history and Lady Chatterly's Lover is next to your chair.....
Stay away from the King James Version of the Bible. All those Thees and Thous will have you branded as a religious zealot.

Basically what I'm saying is you don't have to spend hours trying to work out one time pads when you have them available in any supermarket.


hiswiserangel said...

I want to see a bunch of badasses with copies of Anais Nin's Delta of Venus, figuring out the next rally point. Makes me giggle.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Shit, that's good!

timbo said...

Pretty cool Wirecutter. Sure raises my level of curiosity about your past when you post these nuggets!

Also noticed you changed your pic on the right from "drunk in the lawn chair" to something more respectable. Considering your 1 year anniversary, good move. Looks nice.

wirecutter said...

My past, Timbo? Heh heh heh....