Friday, July 06, 2012

Why would they destroy a security camera?

Saw this over at Sam's today.

Long Beach Police Investigate Excessive Force in Pot-Shop Raid

A raid on a marijuana dispensary in Long Beach was caught on video showing officers smashing surveillance cameras and stepping on a suspect, moves that prompted accusations against the officers of excessive force.

The two-minute-long video opens to show a man surrendering to police, three of whom surround him while two put him in handcuffs.
One of the officers is seen stepping on volunteer employee Dorian Brooks' back with both feet before stepping on his neck, with what Brooks described as 300 pounds of pressure.
The video, which was being recorded at an off-site location, then cuts to an officer pointing at the recording camera before another looks up and smashes the lens.
"They noticed there was a camera that was on the wall right above my head, so they proceeded to smash it with a metal rod," said Brooks, adding that the camera shattered on him. "I wasn't able to protect myeslf because my hands were cuffed."


Yeah, we all know how evil that marijuana can be, making people rob bakeries and candy stores and shit.
But to destroy the cameras? Why, oh why would they do that unless they didn't want to be recorded doing something wrong?


Craig said...

I'm sure these brownshirts will get two weeks off with pay so they can sit around their apartments watching reruns of Ren and Stimpy while they get rid of the weed they probably pocketed when the cameras were "smashed".

angrymike said...

One day in the not ti distant future, they will no longer be held in such high esteem, when the ppl wake up and start taking out these wannabe soldiers ......

Anonymous said...

WOW !, Is that bad ass or what ?.The NWO Ninja turtle`s slapping the shit shit out of some pothead`s .

Goldenrod said...

Maybe the Gestapo is camera shy?

CharlieDelta said...

Or the Gestapo didn't want the cameras to capture exactly how much wacky tobacky they were "seizing" for their own personal habit/profit?