Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do you like what you see here?

The shirts, not the ruggedly handsome motherfucker modeling them, goddammit.....
Then get yourself on over to Zoomie's Shirt Shack and order something from the man.
He's got a shitload of III and 2A designs, he's a Patriot of the First Order, and a pretty good guy in spite of what Sam says.
It's a Hanes shirt with quality printing and sometimes he even gives you a choice of color and size.....
He was good enough to throw out a III to III design - by shopping here we're expounding on that concept.
Yes, the title of the book  on the shelf of my coyote and precious shit cabinet is "Dog Heaven". It was a gift from a friend when I put my Punkindog down a few years ago. No, I've never read it. Don't need to.