Wednesday, August 15, 2012

EPA war on coal threatens Tucson's water supply

The above link contains an interesting article about how the EPA is forcing a coal-fired power plant down that supplies power to water pumps that feed water through a long canal system to Tucson AZ.

This is happening all over this country. Murry Energy had to shut down 2 mines 5 years ahead of schedule due to the EPA not granting mining permits. Over 700 people out of work in OH & WV.
Meanwhile Germany & China (5-6 plants a month) are building coal-fired electric generation plants- go figure... will that Co2 stay in those countries?

What this equates to is this: Higher electric rates are on the way. What better way to bring our standard of living in line with the rest of the world by this redistribution of wealth ploy through higher energy costs.
Murry Energy CEO said in an interview that in June 2012 that power utilities were buying energy contracts for the years 2015-2016 at 800% higher per kwh over todays rate. Coal fired power generation costs about 6 cents a kwh today. Commercial solar & wind costs around 22 cents per kwh. You do the math. Not to mention that rolling brown and blacks outs will be commonplace.
Click on the Here, here, here in the article to read more on this.

This is Agenda 21 at work... the Grand Canyon is a UN Biosphere area.



Rpm2day said...

The EPA needs to be dis-fucking banded.

angrymike said...

I live in Ohio, I know about the mines and power plants here being shut down. I really don't want to comment on what I think should happen to the ppl in charge of the EPA,or their leader, I would have a black van in front of my house in no time.