Friday, August 31, 2012


Everybody that's been reading this blog for more than a couple weeks knows that my Pops just recently died.
I want you to know that I got more financial support through this from the III than I did from my 300 co-workers. I missed a lot of work when every day missed means a bill doesn't get paid. I didn't ask for a dime, didn't expect a dime, yet you came through.
I have been at that job for 20 years, 4 months and 10 days, yet there was no acknowledgement at all from my company's management, not even a card, but there was a floral arrangement signed III to III at the funeral home.
Thank You. That meant a lot to me.


Brian in Florida said...

You have great friends in the 111 community. That is great. Wish I could have supported monitarily, but you do have my prayers and I do call you my friend. ( Not california friend, people might take that to mean more than it should. Just saying). God Bless

David the ODDMAN said...

So very sad. And they wonder why there is no loyalty towards a company from its employees. Just thoughtless and cold.Common decency no longer exists in the corporate world. Thankfully it does exist amongst your friends. You have a great group of friends out there. Cherish,THEM for friends make the difference in our lives.

hiswiserangel said...

We are family, wirecutter. Although most of us have never met in person and only have interaction here, we have the blood of the original III Patriots running through our veins, and that binds us closer than DNA. We share joys, pain, frustrations, and the occasional victory. We don't ask, because we know we don't have to ask. And there will always be a III watching your 6. Always.