Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's true, I'm a pig.

To help keep my mind off recent personal events I have undertaken cleaning out my gun safe.
Bad, bad fucking idea.
How bad can it be, you ask? Well, I have a small 9 rifle safe, measures about 18"x18"x4.5', fits nicely into my closet. How much shit can you cram in there, you ask? You wouldn't fucking believe it. Shit, I can't fucking believe it.
In the bottom of the safe I had my rifles and shotguns, 500 rounds of 41 magnum, 250 rounds of 45 ACP (running low there), 100 rounds of buckshot and 2000 rounds of 22LR, and a double fistful of 38 Special for my pocket rocket. Also had a dehumidifier, 3 loaded magazines of 223 for my Mini 14, a Ka-Bar and a multi-tool. I know that doesn't sound too bad until you considered that all that ammo was all bagged and mixed up in the bottom of the safe, piled around rifle muzzles.

I haven't even tackled the top shelf yet but just peering in there I can see car titles, a couple of my best skinning knives, a bunch of expired credit cards, personal checks, another multi-tool, an 1899 Indian Head penny, a deck of John Wayne playing cards, a set of allen wrenches, Punkindog's old collar, a bag full of coyote teeth, a flashlight, a cleaning kit, something turning green and I know for a fact I have several handguns (I hope that ain't what's turning green) and another fighting knife somewhere back there. I also know there's a stack of III patches as well as a shitload of Zoomie stickers in there because I ran across those the other day looking for a whetstone. Oh yeah, there's a whetstone in there. I think.

I'm thinking I need to get another safe - one for firearms and one for precious junk and ammo.