Monday, August 27, 2012

LA Governnor sniveling that federal help isn't enough

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in Louisiana on Monday as that state and others along the Gulf Coast prepared for Tropical Storm Isaac.
The White House said Obama informed Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal of the emergency declaration in a phone call. The declaration makes federal support available to save lives, protect public health and safety and preserve property in coastal areas.
Jindal, a Republican, shot back late Monday in a letter to the Obama administration that the declaration fell short of the help he was requesting.
"We appreciate your response to our request and your approval," Jindal wrote. "However, the state's original request for federal assistance .... included a request for reimbursement for all emergency protective measures. The federal declaration of emergency only provides for direct federal assistance."
Jindal said the storm is forecast to strengthen to a Category 2 hurricane "and squarely impact the state of Louisiana."


When are you dumb motherfuckers going to learn the the feds are not going to give you the help you want. Why do you even want their fucking help? Remember last time? Gun confiscation, martial law, suspension of your Rights, forcibly removing you from your property, etc.
Katrina wasn't that long ago. How come nobody prepped for another hurricane? Fuck, I'd have least gone out and bought a couple rubber dinghys for 40 bucks a pop. That's only 8 crack rocks, man.
When the feds show up, politely tell them to shove their assistance up their collective asses and to get the fuck away from you, then get a good sight picture on the HMFIC, take a normal breath, let it out slowly and squeeze....


Craig said...

Tell these dumb motherfuckers not to build their homes in what is in effect the terrain of a toilet bowl that will be ready to be flushed every time a CatIII or above comes roaring through. The only preventative measures they need is to move to higher ground.

The Steel Ibeam said...

Guess its no longer a "chocolate city"? Maybe thats why or maybe its cause Jindal doesnt share Zero's views and therefor does not get the aid he is requesting. The tyrannical rule of Nagin during Katrina at a Cat 5 was the most intrusive attack on the good guys and one of those single moments in my life where I had an epiphany of needing to prepare. Not only to prepare in the realms of food, shelter and water, but prepare to tell someone to get the fuck off my land at whatever means necessary.

Cheesy said...

Every time someone brings up Katrina, I recall the picture of probably 80+ school buses, sitting idle, in a foot of water. These could have been used by ANYONE to help people evacuate. Yet there they stood.
Why should anyone want to help idiots that won't help themselves?

Stinkwilly said...

The only reason fuckstick is declaring a state of emergency is for political reasons in the upcoming elections. If there was no elections he could give a fuck less if all the infidels drowned like rats as long as it didn't have any effect on his golf game.

drjim said...

That's interesting. I always thought Jindal was better than that.

drjim said...

Hey Cheesy....the were waiting for the Feds to provide the drivers!