Monday, August 27, 2012

Too many people turning to family for help?

More Americans rely on their families for assistance than the government, so federal officials have undertaken an effort to help people to apply for federal assistance.
“Given that only 15 percent of you turn to government assistance in tough times, we want to make sure you know about benefits that could help you,” announced today. The ”government made easy’ website has created a “help for difficult financial times” page for people to learn more about the programs.
The government got that statistic from a poll asking Americans what helps them the most during tough times. Here are the results:
  • Savings 44%
  • Family 21%
  • Credit cards/loans 20%
  • Government assistance 15%
“Government assistance comes in different forms—from unemployment checks and food assistance to credit counseling and medical treatment,” reminded readers.
This leg of the financial assistance push has ended. “Although our campaign to highlight Help for Difficult Financial Times has ended, we know that your struggles may continue,” said today. “We will keep updating the tools and information we provide to help you get back on your feet.”
Check this shit out - I do not want or need your fucking help. I am a Free Man. I make my own way. If I stumble, either my family or the III will pick me up and they will be paid back in spades when I'm able.
I will not place my self in a moral debt to the government that has sworn to destroy my way of life, my liberty and my Rights. Fuck you, I'll choke on a 7.62 from the barrel of your guns before I ask for your help.