Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whew. They're starting back up again. I was getting worried.

More entertainment from my Big Bad Wolf post.
I swear, I get more fun from that post than any other one. I shoot start posting pictures of people skinning wolves out next, maybe an instructional video. I could use a coyote, but they wouldn't know the difference. Imagine the looks on their faces when I drop the gut sac and CharlieGodammit runs off with it, dragging entrails all over the yard in the backround.

Anonymous said...
I sure Hope you are happy, I don't mean to post anonymously, I am just too lazy to create a username....
I hope you are killing these on a basis such as in your local area. DO NOT kill a growing population. Lastly I hope you are doing it where this is legal. Because if you aren't you may end up with a federal offense.
wirecutter said...
Anonymous, just where in the fuck did you read in the post that I was the one doing the hunting? All I did was post some pictures of hunters in IDAHO where it is legal. Didn't you read the article or post title at all?
Yeah. Picking up a federal beef really freaks me out. Whoa.
And yes, you DO hunt a growing population - it's called culling and is a necessary tool for game management.
Jesus Christ, the ignorance of you people never ceases to amaze me.


Oswald Bastable said...

The sort of fuckers that wear their pyjamas downtown...

PISSED said...

Good morning Wire :)

I Know its semantics and I know Snopes isn't the end all be all, but it appears these wolves are in British Columbia

Corey said...

Does this guy think there are wolves in California? I'm sure there are somewhere but this goober sounds like he just saw the picyure and flipped out. Maybe I should send you some skinned squirrel pictures that'll pis em off

Glenn B said...

I think you have to hand it to Anonymous this time around because he or she (more likely a she even if a guy) actually does tell you:

"I hope you are killing these... "

How often do you get a comment from an anonymous type that hopes you are killing wolves!

I love it,
Glenn B