Friday, August 24, 2012

YES!!!! The muslims are back!

It's been quite some time since I've gotten any hate emails or shitty comments or even a death threat from my muslim readers and I was beginning to wonder if maybe it's time for me to unleash a new tirade against the baby-raping false prophet.
No need to now, I've gotten 2 nasty comments in as many days on this post HERE.
Life is good again.

Anonymous said...
Such ignorant fucks.
You are so pathetic that you insult people's religion... Go check yourselves into a mental asylum.
If you were intelligent enough then you would debate issues you had with people in a proper fashion... Not b gutless n throw one-sided insults!!
Chickens!! Come into the real world n I assure you that would b dealt with!!!
wirecutter said...
I'm in the real world, Anon. Why should we discuss anything with pigs like you with all the death and descruction your kind has spread in this world? Fuck you and your 7th century mindset.
I don't hide. Anybody with half a brain can find me - unless you're the one that's a fucking coward.
Anonymous said...
u type of silly peoples don't want to know truth.only to do editing n try to show the peoples of ur crap thinkgs.worst shameless guy.hate u
wirecutter said...
Yeah, we're not real fond of you people either, motherfucker.