Saturday, September 15, 2012

My day. So far.

Yeah, fuck man, I got over to the in law's house and almost cried when I saw that trailer. It was packed from top to bottom, nose to tail. I say packed..... it looked like it was loaded with a fucking front end loader. Light shit on the bottom, heavy shit up on top, everything shifted all over the place.
I had told Lisa the night before that we'd be done unloading the trailer by noon and I carried the last box out at 11:45.
Al had brought some of Lisa's furniture out here from Tennessee and it took 2 pickups to haul it over here. While Al was here, I went out to the backyard to get some pavers for him to cover some holes under his fence until he can rototil the backyard. The pavers were in a pile next to the Justice Shed and when I reached down to grab one I felt a sting on my finger. Fuck, I'm widder-bit. No shit, I pulled my hand up and there was the biggest black widow I've seen in a long time chewing on my finger.
Bitch. I shook it off and killed it, then went in to wash my hands and soak my finger in alcohol. Don't know if that does any good for the poison but it sounded like a good idea.
So now I'm sitting here waiting for my finger to turn black and blue and fall off. Actually, I hope it doesn't fall off, it was my bird finger and I can't drive without that finger, man. Feeling a little pukey, but I haven't been feeling that great for the past day or two anyways so I don't know if it's the bite or just not feeling well.
But it's been about an hour now and except for some swelling and some tingling, I'm all right. Fucking pussy spiders are overrated as hell. I figured it would at least hurt a little bit.