Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stocking up to take up the slack

Whenever Resistance is discussed, somebody always manages to bring up the subject that there are 22 million licensed hunters in the US, good luck with taking our guns.
Yeah, right. There's 22 million hunters, most of them once a year hunters and fired their rifles once at a range to zero and can't hit shit anyways, and nearly all of them possessing less than 2 boxes of ammo per gun.
That's fucked up. We're gonna lose 21 million hunters right out the gate when they shoot their 27 rounds of ammo they had on hand and suddenly they have $800 clubs in their hands, and that's if they have the balls to resist in the first place.
Right now you can buy 5.56 & 7.62 dirt cheap - check my 'Shit that might come in handy' column - especially in bulk. Don't worry about excessive postage, it's fixed rate and pretty damned reasonable. There's also handgun ammo, both bulk and small amounts, at other sites that are worth taking advantage of. You can buy a box of ammo a week and build up your stash that way, if you think you have the time, but it doesn't hurt to lay in a few hundred rounds from time to time.
When the time comes, are you gonna be one of the guys that blindly fired his box and a half of bullets and hit nothing or are you going to be the one stocked up with food and ammo having the time of his life?
Your choice, man.


Anonymous said...

Wirecutter, unable to access the "shit might come in handy " tab/link. Is the 7.62 x51? Hope the spider bite is healing. Good Luck and Thanks, Joe.

Sarthurk said...

I went to range the other day, Monday, 9 AM. There were three guys there already. Sighting in their hunting rifles, checking the chronograph, and talking about velocities and such. Everybody was hitting in the black. Then somebody showed up for ten minutes to test fire a fully auto m4 type unit, and was gone.
There's a bunch of folks in my little brush hole that got a lot and know what to do with it. I was even hitting in the black with one of the 5 arms I worked with that day. There really is a gun behind every blade of this neck of the woods anyway. But then again, there's those who don't have a clue. I reload too, and have at least 250 round reload capability for at least 7 different calibers.
BTW, You have a Mini 14. I used to until I went to college decades ago and had to pay tuition with the SS model I had. What do you think of the mini 30? And, My old mini 14 was not very accurate. I couldn't buy or reload anything that was better than a 6 inch group at 100 yards. Are they better now?

wirecutter said...

I like mine just fine. I get 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inch groups on it with stock sights and from a rest. I haved toyed with putting a competition sight on it and I do have a rail and 2x scope that I haven't tried out yet.
I burned 500 rounds through it the first day I had it and it was starting to spread out quite a bit then due to barrel heat.
Haven't had an opportunity to shoot the 30 yet.

Sarthurk said...

Well, I'm getting itchy for one for a number of reasons. I'm gonna have to start sniffin' around. Retail for new isn't that bad.

Gotta tie up more herring rigs.

life is hard.

Anonymous said...

been teaching a young one to shoot with a 22 rifle and pistol he keeps wanting to play with my big boy toys i tell him save money to buy ammo he aint gettin in my stash but i did let him cap a few rounds with a P38 think he fell in love now he wants my glock and dragunov
i just can't hardly wait to see the look on his face the first time he touches off the barrett

teach the young to shoot teach them how to maintain a firearm
first things first teach them to be responcible for their own actions respect for others goes a long ways too (im still working on this part) break the mold of the retarded people - guns don't kill people people kill people -

if you can keep at least 500 rounds on hand for every firearm you own in various locations don't think i could carry 500 rounds of 50 cal
end game toy

skybill said...

Hi Ken,
'No worryz' mate!! Me an my budz have it together!! 'Besides drinkin' beer, the cans make nice targets!! 'Love the way they flip up in the air when they ge hit by a round!!! Practice!! zzzzzzz'shhssss as a fresh cold beer gets popped, "Kerlatch!!" as a fresh round gets chambered!!! The radio on the bench ,"War...Childen.....It's just a shot away!!!....." POW!! and the can at 75yards goez flyin'....."YES"......"As you were sayin????"

michigan doug said...

cheaper than dirt has Rio 00 buck 250 rds for $100. mines on the way.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

I gots more than plenty enough to feed my Russkies for a long time. The Mossy can be fed a steady diet of 00 magnums. Lost count of the .22lr...

TheBronze said...

@ anonymous (first comment):

It's on the right side-bar, towards the bottom.