Monday, September 03, 2012

Obama/Romney. Either/Or. Same Ol' Shit.

Come November, the American people will be faced with two distinct options, reelect President Barack Obama or vote for Mitt Romney. The liberal Democrat and the Republican conservative seem to stand in stark contrast. They come from different backgrounds and have different views on most social issues like same-sex marriage, abortion, immigration. On the surface, Romney and Obama appear to be conflicting in ideas and ideals on all fronts. The popular perception is that Romney and Obama represent polices that are polar opposites of each other.
But this perception is absolutely false. In reality, when it comes to the most critical issues effecting America today like national debt, bank and corporate bailouts, monetary policy, foreign policy, military, civil liberties, Constitution, etc., the range of difference in their policies spans from non-existent to marginal.
Media wants you to think that this election is about abortion and gay marriage. It’s not.
As important as those issues are, clearly, the top three priorities for American people right now are the financial crisis, the unending wars and the erosion of our Constitution.

Thanks to Rick for the link.