Friday, October 19, 2012

Coyote hunt canceled

From Murray referring to the coyote derby that I posted about a few days back:

that hunt that Calibers was set to run ?
the one with two (2) Bushmasters as grand prize ?
cancelled .... apparently the staff and owner were getting much abuse/e-mails-calls, some from a far away as [ wait for it ... wait !] San Francisco telling them they were inhuman monstes and such
friggin hope the local bedwetters have their fuckin poodles snatched by a hungry one
it's been bone dry here fior a couple years, and game is scarce, so naturally they've been rolling into developed neighborhoods for easy buffet - beats chasing jacks


hiswiserangel said...

I don't understand why a gun store would bow to pressure by left loonies. It's not like this is their base clientele protesting. The idiots have never purchased a round of ammo let alone a gun to put it in, how are they so influential? The owners need to grow some.

SierraCheryl III said...

I'm worried about the mangy critters here. Not only coyote but mountain lion and bears are coming from the higher elevations looking for food. If one of the leftist idiots had Fifi snatched from their leash (it happened in Bridgeport a few years ago), they might change their mind about protecting the @#$% predators.

Stinkwilly said...

Another example from the spineless bunch!! Afterall, we wouldn't want to be labeled as "wanton killers" now would we?? They should have replied to each and every one of them to "eat shit and die motherfucker". HWA had it right about growing some..........instead of suckin ass to the pinkies.

timbo said...

God I hate it when conservatives cave!! Fuckem.

Anonymous said...

Heard from a friend coyotes are snagging shitzu's and kitties right off the streets in suburban Vancouver, BC. Oh well, no sympathy here. AE

Anonymous said...

Keep the contest...just change the rules from the
most coyotes to the most liberals.