Monday, October 29, 2012

I for one am disappointed in the media

Sitting here this morning watching Hurricane Sandy coverage, I was kinda sorta worried about my friends on the east coast. Then I noticed that the reporter was leaning with the wind instead of against it and the coastal vegetation was barely bending. Judging by the motion of the plants, I figured the wind speed to be a steady 15-20 mph. That's all.
Not saying that it isn't going to  get worse, much worse, but really, trying to make a current situation seem worse than what it really is by we-think-you're-fucking-stupid tricks like leaning with the wind to make it look stronger than what it is? Fuck, if I  was shooting in that wind I would just adjust for wind drift and continue to hunt.
Okay, now I'm seeing a shot from a different station in the same area and what do you know, the reporter is standing straight up without a struggle. People are clowning behind the reporter and I cannot see a single child or small dog being tumbled down the beach.
Reporter #2's reality just cancelled out #1's drama.