Friday, October 05, 2012

The Wirecutter workout

- Hiswiserangel


Edward Teach said...

Why am I suddenly hearing the Benny Hill theme?

dhanna59 said...

Ken, this does not concern the post. 09 OCT 12, 1,500 82 ABD Paratroopers, 2 BDE, will airborne assault into GERONIMO DZ, JRTC, FT. POLK, LA. Will night time jump along with airborne landing of M1A2 MBT's, M3A3 BFV's and STRYKER FV's. 13 days continuous fight to invade,strike,destroy, maneuver, and occupyAO's for further combat ops to decisively overwhelm and defeat(place country name here). Just another day at the job Ken, I damn sure coulda used your NCO ass if yo would have followed thru on the job application...slacker...D.