Saturday, October 20, 2012

Things you might find on me at any given time

From left to right (thanks, Tripseven): A Buck 119, probably the best all around camp knife ever made. Pop's Air Force survival knife that he carried on his last tour in Vietnam. A SOG NW Ranger, the sexiest fucking knife I have ever held. My new Kershaw OSO Sweet, sans clip. My Buck 110, I never leave home without it. A custom knife that was a gift from Brother Phil up in Reno, one of the best skinning knives I have ever used - well balanced and holds a razor edge, light but with enough backbone to crack through a coyote knee.
Top: An antique straight razor I've owned and carried for years and years. A Buck 373 for the little shit like peeling fruit and detailed skinning around the lips and eyeballs.
Bottom: A Marine Ka-Bar, unarguable the finest fighting knife ever made - heavy, well balanced, no finger grooves to mess up your grip and a steel pommel for whacking fuckers in the head.
So my everyday carry knives are the Buck 110, the 373, and the Kershaw. All 3 of them. Sometimes I also carry a neck knife (not pictured) or one of the other knives pictured above, depending on what I have going on that day or where I may be going. Pops survival knife got permantly retired to my safe 2 months ago today, but I carried that thing for years anytime I was up in the mountains.
I've got a few more laying around here and there - especially skinning knives, at least a half dozen, but these are the knives that I turn to when I need a job done right.