Sunday, November 04, 2012

A quick word from Wes at

Got an email from Wes over at asking me to post a couple links that are important to all of us. Rather than come up with a fancy post, I'll just post the email (with Wes's permission) - he says it better than I can.

Hey Kenny,
Thanks again for flying our link on your blog 'Knuckledraggin My Life away' (! You are appreciated sir.
I wanted to personally reach out today to inform you that we just published a story that illustrates how the winner of this election could have a huge impact on our 2nd Amendment rights. Take a gander at this graphic, 'Shooting Straight: A Surprising Visual Look At How Both Presidential Candidates Have Changed On Gun Control" ( 
If you see it to of value for our readers (and this election), would you mind posting it? We at are making an effort to preserve our freedoms by offering the facts (and they speak pretty loud). The story was recently picked up by Town Hall which can be found HERE.