Monday, November 23, 2020

British L66A1: A Pistol for Northern Ireland - Forgotten Weapons

 In 1974, the British Royal Army Ordnance Corps purchased about 3,000 .22lr caliber Walther PP pistols to issue as Personal Defense Weapons to service members of the Ulster Defense Regiment. These were to be issued to servicemen (and women) who faced personal threats to their lives. the choice of a .22 caliber pistol is a bit odd, but that's what was done. In about 1980 many of them were refinished with a black lacquer coating called Suncorite and refitted with strengthened firing pins. In 1989 they were officially replaced as Personal Defense Weapons by the Walther P5 Compact and SIG P230, and quite remarkably sold as surplus by the military. They show up today in both European and American collector circles, often not recognized as actual British military-issue pistols.

VIDEO HERE (5:47 minutes)

When is ammo coming back?

As we hurtle towards the end of 2020, there’s one question on the minds of every shooter: when is ammo coming back? With Vista Outdoor announcing a $1 Billion backlog, the answer is “not any time soon.” 

In April, we first covered this topic, looking at the historic conditions that had created a shortage the likes of which we had never seen before. Now, it appears that we’ll have a Joe Biden Presidency, and control of the Senate is up for grabs, we can look at the question of when is ammo coming back with a little clearer vision. The first thing we have to look at are our normalization conditions.

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Obama Says We Need More "Regulations and Standards" on the Practice of Free Speech on Social Media

Oh, look. It's just the former President of the United States of America slandering half the country as conspiracy theorists and saying that we need local and national, as well as political and cultural work, to make sure that everyone is agreeing on the same facts. 

And how do we decide on the facts? Well, according to former President Obama, it's going to require government regulations and standards to choose what's true and what isn't. The state will need to decide what's acceptable speech. 

You know that had to have smarted


Trump at the Rubicon

In the closing days of 50 BC, the Roman Senate declared that Julius Caesar’s term as a provincial governor was finished. Roman law afforded its magistrates immunity to prosecution, but this immunity would end with Caesar’s term. As the leader of the populares faction, Caesar had many enemies among the elite optimates, and as soon as he left office, these enemies planned to bury him in litigation. Caesar knew he would lose everything: property, liberty, even his life. 

Caesar decided it was better to fight for victory than accept certain defeat. In January 49 BC, he crossed the Rubicon River with his army, in violation of sacred Roman law, and begin a civil war. “Alea iacta est,” said Caesar: The die is cast. 

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Fauci says vaccinating people who disregard Covid as ‘fake news’ could be ‘a real problem’

White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said Thursday that convincing people who consider the coronavirus to be “fake news” to get vaccinated against the disease could become an issue as the nation seeks to achieve so-called herd immunity to suppress the pandemic. 

Commentary: The Battle Is Far from Over

The tense and critical period of recounting and challenging the presidential election results in several states has brought to a climax the great struggle between the Trump phenomenon and the different constituent elements of the post-Reagan bipartisan political establishment. 

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Putting money before citizen safety

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California, which has a declining prison population, could save more than $1 billion by closing eight lockups, the Legislative Analyst's Office said in a report Thursday. 

The report said the number of inmates, parolees and juvenile wards is a “major cost driver in spending on the state’s correctional system." 

Your Monday Morning Florida Report

ORLANDO, Fla. – A drunk driver who was four times the legal limit drove right through a crime scene connected with a fatal crash, striking a patrol vehicle in the process, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. 

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Just when he thought he's gotten away with it...

A 94-year-old former Nazi concentration camp who lived undiscovered in the US for decades is to be deported to Germany, where he could face prosecution, after his appeal against a deportation order was rejected this week. 

Friedrich Karl Berger succeeded in covering up his role as a concentration camp guard for more than 70 years and still receives a pension for his wartime service in the German navy. 



Good thing it wasn't a nasty ol' gas burning car, huh?

CORVALLIS, Ore. (KMTR) — A driver high on marijuana crashed a Tesla into an apartment building in Oregon late Tuesday night, sending hundreds of small batteries flying, police said. 

Two of the batteries shot through apartment windows. 

Looks like the RACcoon was having a good time


Tennessee problems

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Two calves were rescued today after they became hopelessly trapped when the pair fell in a newly formed, very large, and deep sinkhole near Springfield. MORE

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Somethings you just don't joke about

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A woman is facing criminal charges for making a threat on social media to shoot Florida’s governor and two U.S. senators, adding that the politicians were “looting" the state.  

“When I made the observation that there were no commonly used terminology to show the post was a joke, Jones stated that anyone who follows her knows her sense of humor," a detective wrote in the arrest report.