Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boys and their toys

I want to brag up my latest acquisition, my new SOG Pentagon Elite folding knife. Man, I got this in the mail a week ago and just about jizzed all over myself as soon as I opened it up. Fucking sexy, man.....
The folders come in 2 different sizes, a 4" & 5" blade. I chose the smaller one for a couple of reasons, the main one being that's what I'm comfortable carrying as a folder, the other being that being an inch shorter in length makes it just a little more concealable.

So, it comes with a 4" razor sharp blade, overall length is about 8 1/4", has a partially serrated blade, and can be rigged for either right or left side carry. It's also equipped with thumb studs but doesn't have assisted opening - but don't worry, the fucker opens so smoothly you won't miss it. Also, because of the locking hardware it can't be rigged for tip up/down carry, but that's not an issue for me. Also, the point of the blade was beveled down to what they called a Shark's Tooth tip for strength and penetration.
I even got the fancy engraving as you can see - OGDAA, One Good Deal After Another, SFC Jerry Shriver's trademark saying.
I'm not making any bones about this knife. While it's called a tactical knife, I will never cut a fucking rope or seat belt or strap with it. It is purely a last ditch weapon, one that will be there when I run out of ammo or my primary weapon fails or if I happen to be someplace where a firearm is impractical to carry.
The only thing this blade will cut is skin. And keeping that in mind, I did a minor modification to the knife. I happened to notice that the top of the blade was fairly thin, almost to the point of having an edge to it. So I lapped the top of the blade down about 3/4" from the tip and put an edge on it, making it double edged for the first little bit. Now it doesn't matter which direction I'm slashing and the really cool part is that the newly sharpened edge disappears into the handle when folded so I don't have to worry about cutting up the inside of my pocket.

Retail is about $160, you can get it HERE for half that. There's also specs and a short video there too.


hiswiserangel said...

Oooo, I want THAT one.

Pakkinpoppa said...

I have one of each of those. Actually...two of the bigger ones. Sure, they don't conceal as well, but they just slide open and sceam Fuck Off to anybody.

But the smaller one is too with a little Flitz. The point just adds bonus to it. Looks mean.

I'm torn on the whole "don't cut anything with it" thing. I think having a little tape on the edge may be smart in certain jurisdictions where having a spare blade with no discernable wear may be met skeptically...

Since I live in Ohio, we can't carry weapons, so my knife is a tool. That brand new one just hasn't been used to cut open a box at work or string yet, I'm not sure I want to keep it.

Anonymous said...

The Seal Pup is my go to knife, but I need a folder. Had a spyderco but the tip broke off. If you are swearing by the elite it might be a good choice. Have you tested it?


Jim22 said...

I must be stupid. How do you sharpen the scalloped part of the blade? I've owned some knives with scalloped blades but if you use them they get dull.

My Gerber folder doesn't have scallops because I can sharpen it.

Welcome back.

wirecutter said...

Jim22, use a whetstone but go lightly on the serrated side. Then take a butcher's steel or a fine round file and do the serrations.

timbo said...

Pakkin - I know my way around gun laws, but I admit ignorance of that which you speak. Do many states have laws against carrying knives? I'm rather stunned by this. Who the hell goes anywhere without a knife?

Anybody here know which states do not "allow" folks to carry a knife?

timbo said...

I wouldn't mind these antispam things, if I could ever read what the hell they say! Why in Gods name don't they make them so we can read them.

I understand why you unfortunately have to do it - just bitchin!

Anonymous said...

Longcut? I have never tried it, still dipping the silver lid.

Bill Nye

Pakkinpoppa said...

Timbo...What I mean is, one cannot carry a "weapon."

I can carry a 5" bladed SOG like the above one, but it can't be a weapon. Meaning...if I'm asked, it's a tool.

Ohio's laws specifically say, "it is illegal to FURNISH, except for law enforcement, switchblades, gravity knives, saps, batons, billy clubs..." Meaning, you cannot SELL an item such as that to a "civilian" (Ghod how I hate that term).

Stupid...meaning the Benchmade I have I...found in the road, I surely didn't buy it. Autos are a gray area here. Some officers don't care...but some do, and I feel no urge to buy an attorney a boat merely to prove a point.

I can carry my Scrapyard Dumpster Mutt if I feel the urge. But it is a tool...officer.

Meaning if I am asked, it's a tool. I was pulled over by a small town police force one day, and honestly didn't realize I had that many blades on me, but I had five, plus a Gerber multitool. I did get a raised eyebrow, but merely explained I collected knifes and had a few extra I was showing a couple friends at a poker game.

For example, today, I have a Leatherman, a 3" Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero. Being work...3" is our blade length maximum. I'd never have a bigger knife if I felt somebody might see it.

Dean Carder said...

Great selection! I'm packing one in my pocket now. I found it in a dim case at a flea market. In as new condition, no marks no bubba dings, for a whopping 8 bucks! These are indeed fine, yes, weapons!

RegT said...

I don't know if things have changed there, but years ago when I was a peace officer in San Diego, CA, the penal code defined a double-edged knife as a dagger, and it was deemed contraband.

Yeah, I know - f*ck 'em if they can't take a joke, but know it ahead of time so you don't let some JBT see it and give him a chance to pop you for a felony.