Sunday, November 11, 2012

From Rick

So, this weekend, in between the sporting events and the barbecues, take a moment to look at the flag for what it used to represent rather than the globally hated symbol it has since become. Consider all those in your family who risked and sometimes lost all in America's wars, and decide for yourself how they would feel about the government of this nation as it exists today.


Stinkwilly said...

My flags (2) came down the day after asswipe and his stupid fucking americans who voted for that shitbag said they don't love our country anymore just the freebies it can give to them. They won't fly again till things change. I refuse to fly a flag that does not honor the brave men and women who died for it. So fuck those lesbians, faggots, blackass welfare mama's, and fuckin illegal
mexican bastards that think they have rights. Go back to mehico and demand your rights you fucking coward pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

Yreka Man Jailed On Multiple Charges

by Newswatch 12 Staff

Published November 5, 2012

YREKA, Calif. – A 59 year old Yreka man is in jail after a run-in with police.

William Fletcher is in the Siskiyou County Jail facing several charges including discharging a firearm with gross negligence and resisting officers. Officers say Fletcher threatened deputies while in possession of a firearm, before barricading himself in his house

Police seized multiple firearms, a large amount of ammunition and marijuana from Fletcher’s property.