Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oooh, new trends in Git Kits!

About 2 weeks ago I read someplace that your Git Kit (Bug Out Bag, Go Bag whatever the fuck you want to call it) shouldn't be completely full so that you won't have the appearance of being prepared in order to avoid attacks by those who really aren't prepared. Then I read it another place and then another and another.

That's the stupidest fucking thing I ever heard. Do without so you won't be attacked by those that are also without? Are you fucking dumb or what?

One of the things I take issue with about the Git Kit not being completely full is that the rule of thumb is that it should sustain you for 72 hours. Okay, I don't know where the 72 hour rule came from but my 72 hour Kit Git can keep me going for about a week if I live out of just that bag and don't do any laundering along the way.
I've got a medium sized civilian camo pack and I carry 10 dehydrated meals, a small stove, a canteen cup, half dozen or so pair of socks, a ground cloth and poncho liner, 1 change of pants, 1 long sleeve shirt, 2 Tshirts, a small block of commercial firestarter, first aid, hygiene items, small radio, a box of pistol and rifle ammo, area maps and a few other odds and ends. It doesn't sound like much, but that fucking pack is jam-packed. And really, if you stop and look at it, there's really only 3 days worth of gear in there, just the basics - food, shelter, hygiene and clothing - no frills. So what the fuck am I supposed to leave behind in order to not look prepared? If I don't look prepared, I ain't prepared.

Another thing is that a half full pack can't be properly balanced and just isn't tactically sound. My shit is packed so that when I strap it on and jump up and down the only thing you hear is me crashing into a table when I land. No fucking rattles or anything coming from the pack. All buckles and snaps are taped down on the exterior and inside I've got socks jammed in between things to keep them secure and quiet. If things have gone bad, you're going to want to be able to move quietly and quickly.

Look, if you're in a position to where you're going to be using your Git Kit, society will be at the point to where you're going to get attacked for your fucking skin color, for your shoes, for looking at somebody funny. I'm thinking you might as well get used to the idea that being totally safe is a thing of the past. You goddamned well better be ready, willing and able to kill for your pack because you may die without it. Your pack is all you have left at that moment.
Your pack is everything you're going to need in the immediate future and it damned sure better include a few weapons and ammo. Be prepared to use those weapons to protect the other things in there like food, shelter and porn. Then why did I only have one box of pistol and rifle ammo in my pack? Because I'm carrying the rest of my load in a separate bag around my shoulders. The shit in my pack is my last ditch ammo.

So pack your shit down and pack it tight. If you think you need to live for only 3 days max out of that pack and you've reached your weight limit but the pack ain't full, buy a smaller pack or throw in a couple of poncho liners.
And if you're walking down the street and somebody attacks you for your gear, blow his fucking head off.