Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wait - there's more?

What I want to know is just what the fuck other kind of sexual orientation is there? They've even got asians covered. Maybe beastialitiests or whatever the fuck they call themselves? And why in the hell is 'Straight' down at the bott..... oh yeah. Gotta be California (again).


hiswiserangel said...

Well, do you see "goats" on that list? Uh-huh, that would be "Other"

Mile High said...

hey f@%#er, what happened to milfey monday???

Anonymous said...

There are nut job`s out there who have had their gonad`s removed. Someone had a post a while back about the Japanese chef who , cooked and auctioned off his own ' Junk ' as a meal. Some strange mother fucker`s out there.

Glenn B said...

Let's see, there are lots of others:

Hermaphodyte Lovers
Animal Lovers
Plant Lovers
Latex Doll Lovers
Self Lovers (love their hands)
Mother Rapers
Father Rapers

The list probably goes on.

Shit, I missed my annual dose of Alice's Restaurant this Thanksgiving (mentioning Father Rapers brought that to mind).

wirecutter said...

Plant lovers? How do you fuck a plant?

Anonymous said...

When did Chinese become a sexual orientation?

RegT said...

"When did Chinese become a sexual orientation?"

Maybe because they are "crossway breezers", as Gunny Highway called them ;-)