Saturday, December 29, 2012

American Insurrection

america is an armed society.
every year a huge number of americans take to the woods in pursuit of deer, elk and other critters of the fur, feathers and flesh persuasion. and, if you read hunting magazines and gun magazines, you will well recognize that they are armed with very sophisticated weapons, in some measure, such as optics and ballistic aids, the rival of the most modern military organizations.
so, say that america erupts in rebellion against the gun confiscation measures being cooked up by obama and minions, apparently to be spearheaded in congress by the likes of pelosi, reid, feinstein and others of that ilk. senator feinsteins pronouncements relative to her legislative aims include words like "confiscation," and "registration," long despised and detested words among pro-gun americans.
if she wanted to "press some buttons," she's pressed some buttons.
what can we view as the likely model of american insurrection?
well, it won't be along the lines of major tank battles on open terrain, such as witnessed recently in the middle east. syrians, iraqis, egyptians, hezbollah and hamas have proved it foolhardy to go up against the modern armor of the west, principally the armies of the u.s. and israel.
fighting modern armies on open terrain is a rather foolhardy proposition, unless you are the top of the military food chain.
no, i believe that the model of conflict in the middle east as we have witnessed the last several years during the "arab spring" and other insurrections provides the proper intellectual modality to anticipate the outlines of such conflict by civilians against an established and entrenched regime.
An interesting article to say the least and one I agree with.
Thanks Woody, for kicking it along.