Thursday, December 06, 2012


So, let's say the gun confiscations have begun after the intial grace period where you can turn in your guns voluntarily and you happen to notice a DHS/BATF/Homeland Security assault vehicle whipping past you on it's way to yet another raid.

You know it's Homeland Security or BATF because these motherfuckers love to announce themselves with big vehicles and markings.
So what do you do? Do you thank the Good Lord above they're headed away from your house? Do you call your buddies and warn them? Do you make a quick SALUTE report so that you can add that to your intelligence folders?
Wrong. Follow them at a discreet distance and when they get to where they're going, pull out your rifle, assume a good firing position and commence to shooting the motherfuckers. You take out as many as you possibly can. If they're wearing armor, shoot their fucking legs out from under them. Make them pay.

Look, let me lay out a few facts for you. They will be your enemy and they will eventually be coming for you. The simple fact of the matter is there's a hell of a lot more gun owners than there are agents. Are you willing to let a few thousand of them disarms millions of us? Fuck that shit. Another simple fact: The average Door Kickers are not counter-terrorism experts, no matter what they believe - they are fucking bully boys that depend on surprise and overwhelming force to do their 'job'. You take that element of surprise away from them and it will fuck up their whole cha-cha. I guarantee you that if you shoot just one of them as they're stacked up outside another Patriot's door, that raid will not happen. It will fall apart.
Again, Patriots - If they want a war, let them start it but we'll fight it on OUR fucking terms, on OUR ground, with THEIR blood. Battles and wars are not won by playing nice. You attack, you do it savagely, and you do it relentlessly. We will not win by staying on the defensive.


  1. Hell f***ing yes. This is exactly why I keep coming back here!

  2. so, how do we tell those targets ahead of time that this will happen? They may just stay home if they know. Or are they that f'n brainwashed and/or stupid?

  3. "The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle anywhere, any time and with utter recklessness." - R.A. Heinlein

  4. Thanks for saying what a lot of us are thinking.

    I'm sure this will get us both on another "list" somewhere.....

  5. I couldn't agree with you more, my son got out of the Army several years ago and has educated me about body armour(when I served we didn't have any-early 80's). If you can't get a for sure head shot then shoot for the pelvis, very painful, lots of blood and screaming and no more walking. I would add that any American, regardless of his uniform, who would willingly try to disarm fellow Americans needs to be put down for the curr he is, if any foreigner who comes to our soil and try's to do the same should be sent home in a box.

  6. Permission Slips Instead of Rights

    Our slavery is ingenious because it’s so very subtle. Most people not only don’t see (much less feel) their shackles – they get angry when someone calls attention to them. Most people, in other words, still imagine themselves to be free. This despite the obvious fact that they must first beg – and obtain – permission before they may exercise any of their former natural rights.
    Even the elemental right to choose your spouse, for instance, is no longer a natural right; the state demands the couple seek its permission to marry. Exactly as feudal lords once demanded of their serfs. And serfs we have become.
    read more here

  7. Hey WC! Sorry it has been so long since I commented.
    Excellent Post. A reminder to all that you are not just protecting your yard and your house. Oh much more than that, and you NEED to know what is going on around you, your town, your city your county. Don't wait till they have you surrounded, be situationaly aware of your Territory! Your area of life.
    Nothing says that more than being aware of those that can and will take away your Freedoms by force.
    Well done again WC!

  8. Hey Ken, remember my piece a while back about disabling vehicles with one slug shot and how to richochet buckshot off of concrete and pavement when the goons are using doors and corners as cover? Dig that one up from your archives and re-post. Relevent, me thinks...I still got you covered with my "radar".

  9. Don't go for the kill-shot...if you've got wounded two guys will have to take him off the battle-field. Then target the medic. Nothing brings down morale quicker than watching your medic go down. Take him down with a head's harder to train medics and there aren't very many of them in the police service.

  10. You have it right. It's coming .... I hope there are lot more who see it. Most will watch TV and be texting their idiot friends right up to their moment of slavery.

    As usual, it will be the few saving the asses of the many.

    In America is seem you are either supporting the lazy fucks or saving their useless asses.

  11. If you are playing defense waiting for the battle to come to you, then you have already lost.
    The guy that makes the rules does so for his benefit, not yours. ME 2012

  12. The moment "Voluntary gun turn in or else" is the time to start. When they tell us. "Its against the law now to own firearms" it's all out war on every agency that will enforce that law. And I fully agree with the tactic you suggest.

    BUT this is NOT the way it will be done Ken. Precisely because of the fact that it would be way too bloody for America. The way it is being done NOW will continue. Baby steps. Banning of certain arms, limiting mag sizes, "Registration" wait periods... Once they get that foundation across the nation, then you will see the degradation of those restrictions into more of them...

    And the sheep in charge will allow it because hey, its just a little fine print, not really a big deal right?...

    I woke up in 1990, I refuse to go back to sheep.

  13. The Alamo is not a place it is a state of mind. But it is also the spot where begins the road to San Jacinto.

  14. Awsome article! I will be linking everybody and every blog I subscribe to this article! To few "patriots" don't have the balls to say what needs saying!

  15. Reblogged brother. Bravo. -55six


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