Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Michigan Doug!!!

I hear he's now officially ancient - he's as old as I am now.
Is that a slice o' watermelon on the shelf under the I, man?


michigan doug said...

yep, it shore is. look close theres all kinds of crap lisa has put up there.(my wifes name is also lisa).

michigan doug said...

o yeah, Fuck Obama.

PISSED said...

Happy B-Day Michigan Doug.

The Apprentice said...

Hey Ol Man,
WC informs me I'm older than him which makes me older than you so I figure you'd best get after it tonight young fella, bein that it's your birthday & all.
Forgetfulness is part of the aging process too, BTW...
Fuck Obama, Happy Birthday and as Clark Griswold says, Merry Christmas!
P.S...leave the lights off once in a while, so she can pretend your're somebody else!

hiswiserangel said...

Happy birthday from Texas!
The Young'un