Saturday, December 22, 2012

If you're a racist, read and take heed.

Lisa ran across a website the other day that was flying a III Percenter banner along with skinheads and nazi salutes but was afraid to tell me about it knowing that I would be pissed. I asked her to run it down for me again but she's having some difficulty doing so, so this message is intended for those that run that site in the hopes that they read my blog.
Kerodin ran a piece concerning the same thing after Bill Nye brought his attention to the fact that he was linked on a hate blog that he came across.

The III Percent movement is not about race or religion, assholes. It's about resisting an oppresive government. Maybe if you stupid motherfuckers could comprehend what you read, you'd understand that.
Let me simplify this for you in terms that you understand - hatred. I don't care if you are wearing a III patch when the shit starts. You are my enemy and I will kill you given the chance, then I'll have my black, hispanic and jewish friends piss on your body before I hang what's left of your corpse from the nearest tree after I cut your fingers off for a bone necklace to wear around my neck. I'll feed your cock and balls to my wolfdog.
That's what I think about your supremacy bullshit.
Got it?


michigan doug said...

jeez o pete ken. why don't you tell the fuckers how you really feel.

wirecutter said...

I started to say I'd hang their scalps from my rifle barrel but them being skinheads......

WiscoDave said...

Amen! Quickest way to lose me is to start spouting that crap.

Stephen said...

Good for you...if you need

Stu said...

Agreed, getting soft on us are you?

Though I am a couple thousand miles from you, I am right there with you.

cato said...

No need to sugar coat your opinion, you can tell me straight out, I'm a big boy.

Don't know much about 3%ers
...These types (skinheads & nazis) piggy back on numerous groups ... they couldn't, shouldn't and can't stand on their own.

Grog said...

If they do show up in your ao, they're stupider than a box of rocks.

wirecutter said...

Yeah, I joke about niggas and metsicans but that's all it is - rough humor. I pick on White Trash even more.

angrymike said...

Ken, you forgot Harry the Hindu, lol, but seriously, ill fight next to anyone as long as it's for the greater good, the hell with race or religion ........

RegT said...

Right on, Kenny.

But, what's with the skinhead look on so many cops these days? Are they wannabe skinheads, or do they just think (wrongly) that it looks cool?

Want a good laugh? I wore a freakin' 'fro when I was a peace officer in San Diego back in the late 70's, early 80's. And I'm a white boy.

I had a Sicilian buddy whose wife was a hairdresser, and she did both of us that way. Started as a joke, but it was so easy to take care of, I kept it for several years.

I just don't get the Telly Savalas look, especially on young guys.

Father Confessor said...

This Latino has your back, dude.
I have the skinhead look :) but that's because I'm mostly bald and hate the Bozo the Clown look.

wirecutter said...

Thank you, Brothers. Your support means more than you know.

agraves said...

Friends, did you notice:
Blacks voted 98% Obama based on Race
Latinos voted 80% Obama based on Race
Even Asians are voting brown based on Race
But none of that is Racist, correct? That's all okay!
It's the whites who can't be racist and vote their color and interests. The article reveals typical patriot thinking: not seriously understanding the threats to our way of life. The government today is oppressive because the people voted for it. Nice and legal, correct?

Anonymous said...

Right on brother, this Jew is right there with you!

Anonymous said...


Racists come in many colours these days. Oh well, stupid killing each other is a win for the rest of us.
If Darwin screws up and you come out on top of that fight - you won't outlive them by 5 minutes.

I will be happy to see to it. Stupid people are no different from racists.

bobabouy said...

What a bunch of bullshit. The ones who always have to say "im not a racist" usually are. They feel the need to say "there's plenty of white people I wouldn't want to be around too" Yeh well you all hold hands & sing chumm byahh. I Live in North Idaho because I want/prefer to be around my own kind of people. White people. I don't give a rats ass if that labels me a racist. Its a free country & I have a right to live where I want and around who I want. At least I have the balls to say it.

Robert Fowler said...

Father Confessor said...
This Latino has your back, dude.
I have the skinhead look :) but that's because I'm mostly bald and hate the Bozo the Clown look.

When my Grandpa was alive, I thought it was the Friar Tuck look. I remember Bozo the Clown, now I need to clean my screen. At least it's just black coffee.

Nathanael Hale said...

A lot of us in the military are shaved heads. These Fuckin' Skin-heads try to say on their blogs that we are part of them!

They are so stupid that they can't understand me and my guys shave our heads 'cause a shaved head is more sanitary on a 30 day field problem. And Sergeant Major can't bitch about the hair length, lol.

Let any racial supremacy group show up in my AO! I have very good friends from every ethnicity, we have shared foxholes together.

Wirecutter, your knife ever get dull, let me know. You can borrow mine!

Craig Cavanaugh said...

That shit don't fly with me either. Track that fucker down and feed him to Bill Nye :)

wirecutter said...

Anon@6:11 - I notice you didn't even give a name. Coward.
If you don't like what you read here, go away.

wirecutter said...

Agraves - Did you hear me utter one word about other races being racists? I realize that fact.
One of the biggest threats to this country is fucking ignorance. You are a threat.

wirecutter said...

bobabuoy - Good for you. Stay the fuck up there and you won't have to worry about being CharlieGodammit's breakfast.

wirecutter said...

And let me add that you three are entitled to your opinions, just don't imply that me and my people share your fucking views. That was the whole purpose of the post in case you didn't get it.

By the way, are you absolutely sure you're completely white? Or are you a mutt like 99.9 percent of the people in the US? No indian, absolutely no hispanic, no black whatsoever? Have you traced your heritage back that far or are you so shallow that you can't see past your mirror?

hiswiserangel said...

I hesitated to wading into this, I think everyone knows my views on this. A person is a person regardless of race. What's in his heart is going to decide whether or not he'll stand with you. But when agraves starts spouting stats, I have to speak. Not ALL blacks voted for Obama or Romney, not ALL Hispanics voted for Obama or Romney. And those are the people that might just get it.

drjim said...

I don't give a double damn what color a person is. They can be white, brown, red, yellow, black, or blue with green spots.

My Dad taught me something when I was a little kid.

"There's good people, and there's ASSHOLES. They both come in all colors, sizes, and shapes. Stay away from the assholes, and make good people your friends".

Took me until I was older to really understand what he meant, but it's served me well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wirecutter.

If you're not a racist, why do you promote hate for others...Muslims.

Jews and Illegals seem to be a protected class in your mind.

You post images of sheep, linking it to OTHER brown skinned people


Could you be a RACIST???

What would III PERCENT think??

What would Kerodin think???

Fuckin Hypocrite.

wirecutter said...

It's called humor, dumbass.
If you look on my sidebar you'll see a category labed "White Trash" where I make fun of white folks too.

As for your remark about my thinking illegals being a protected class, where in the fuck did you get that idea? I've made my stance on them very clear.

As for your other questions, why don't you ask them yourself?

If you don't like what you see here, why are you here?

You're a fucking coward for hiding behind that anonymous tag, bitch.

Skip said...

Lemme see here Kenny.
So far this week you've pissed off NRA, Oathkeepers, cops, niggas, ragheads, fags, anyone I missed?
Fucking excelent! 'Swhy I read you three times a day.
We NEED to have a beer.

wirecutter said...

I pissed Lisa off earlier today, Skip. Does that count?

Cheesy said...

If one is smart enough to see the big-picture, one knows the blacks are a symptom but not the problem; it's government that has enabled, for the last century, the blacks and others like them that are professional freeloaders.
That is the problem.