Saturday, December 22, 2012

If you're a racist, read and take heed.

Lisa ran across a website the other day that was flying a III Percenter banner along with skinheads and nazi salutes but was afraid to tell me about it knowing that I would be pissed. I asked her to run it down for me again but she's having some difficulty doing so, so this message is intended for those that run that site in the hopes that they read my blog.
Kerodin ran a piece concerning the same thing after Bill Nye brought his attention to the fact that he was linked on a hate blog that he came across.

The III Percent movement is not about race or religion, assholes. It's about resisting an oppresive government. Maybe if you stupid motherfuckers could comprehend what you read, you'd understand that.
Let me simplify this for you in terms that you understand - hatred. I don't care if you are wearing a III patch when the shit starts. You are my enemy and I will kill you given the chance, then I'll have my black, hispanic and jewish friends piss on your body before I hang what's left of your corpse from the nearest tree after I cut your fingers off for a bone necklace to wear around my neck. I'll feed your cock and balls to my wolfdog.
That's what I think about your supremacy bullshit.
Got it?