Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just wondering......

I'm wondering just how many local cops as well as FBI, DHS, ATF and other assorted federal bullies are having second thoughts about being on the front lines of gun confiscation considering the amounts of firearms and ammo being bought in the past few weeks.
Not to mention the military who will be thrown into the mix. Remember, they are federal troops. My own little brother is in the army but do you think I would hestitate to kill him if he backs the government instead of the Republic?
A month or two ago it was just us radicals that they had to worry about - now they've got a whole Nation that's arming themselves to fight back. They're not buying all those weapons for target shooting, Ms Feinstein.
We now outnumber the motherfuckers by a huge margin and you've pissed us off.
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  1. They don`t care. They`ve gone " all in " in hopes this obama motherfucker can complete their agenda. " They " are willing to murder every, man , woman , child ,or household pet to set up their utopia.

  2. Here`s something to ponder. I was in a Dr`s office awhile ago waiting to get in and there was an old Time magazine there with an article in it about the current military. This tale revolved around the fact that our military is becoming more and more a world unto itself. That military personnel are getting so far removed from mainstream society that they are out of touch with life on the outside. Here`s the point. Two of the main point`s of psych.warfare when your trying to influence and " bring someone over " are 1 , isolate 2, alienate. This shit is being done deliberately .There is no question some of these people will fire on their countrymen. However as I`m sure you are aware , Ha Ha !, many of us who are awake were trained by the same people. Also some of us.....may....have ....trained " them "." If you want it ,here it is , come and get it ".

  3. It would seem that somewhere around half the population don't understand, or don't care, about the real cost of liberty, i believe like you they will get the opportunity to learn this lesson in my lifetime. If y'all need you've got help in Bakersfield.


  4. According to this, it looks like a large majority.

    The ones left that might consider it will be wondering who will be the first one in the door. That first one will most certainly be commiting suicide.

  5. And with the knowledge about IEDs brought back from Vietnam and the Middle East, the ones in the back aren't too safe either.

  6. Just think, what's been bought in the last three weeks is nothing, I mean NOTHING, compared to what we already had.


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