Friday, December 07, 2012

Lumber Joe

So went out with Meats and started blowing off of steam. He got a new scope on his black gun. I wanted to see if the new light would stay on.
Still have some wolf ammo from Y2K that I decided to start rotating out. I have never been much for blowing volume, because ammo ain't cheap! Started out checking drop on the 75gr Swift Sciroccos I loaded, then we started having fun with some brake contact scenarios. Then I notice the tree is showing a lot of exit holes. Fuck it! Might as well finish it off. Trees are the reason we have forest fires, right?
8 mags? Can't really remember. Both bolts locked open and we were out. Crazy timing, it fell right as the last rounds went off.
I was reminded the difference between cover, and concealment. If I was thinking a tree was cover yesterday even from 55gr cheapo ammo, I sure as shit don't think so today.
No game this year, so can't piss off PETA with this, there is always Green Peace & Earth Liberation Front.
Hope you are feeling better. Need to have you up.


steve tompkins said...

waste of a good tree

angrymike said...

Im sure you know this, but shooting that Wolf ammo, with steel cases isn't good for any gun except a bolt action. Continuous firing will wear your chamber. I know it takes a while, but it does. I had an upper on my AR that eventually would let the no go tool for headspacing go in. I did shoot thousands of rounds through it, but I figured I'd warn you..........;/

Mark said...

Many years ago I shot through an old telephone pole with a Old Mossberg 152 .22, it took about 300 or so rounds to send it to the ground from 60 feet away. It was shot over a 2 day period with old fashioned Federal HV ammo, back when 100 rounds cost .49 cents and could be bought at Western Auto and Woolworth's

wirecutter said...

Looks like that area is due for a good burn anyways, Joe. Save me a tree for when we meet again, yeah?

Anonymous said...

That wasn't a tree. It's a pine weed.

RegT said...

Back in the late 80'2, early 90's, I lived outside of Yreka, way up north, in the State of Jefferson. There was a logging company in White City, OR that had a cool poster in their office. It said:

"Earth First: We'll log the other planets later."