Friday, December 07, 2012

Lumber Joe

So went out with Meats and started blowing off of steam. He got a new scope on his black gun. I wanted to see if the new light would stay on.
Still have some wolf ammo from Y2K that I decided to start rotating out. I have never been much for blowing volume, because ammo ain't cheap! Started out checking drop on the 75gr Swift Sciroccos I loaded, then we started having fun with some brake contact scenarios. Then I notice the tree is showing a lot of exit holes. Fuck it! Might as well finish it off. Trees are the reason we have forest fires, right?
8 mags? Can't really remember. Both bolts locked open and we were out. Crazy timing, it fell right as the last rounds went off.
I was reminded the difference between cover, and concealment. If I was thinking a tree was cover yesterday even from 55gr cheapo ammo, I sure as shit don't think so today.
No game this year, so can't piss off PETA with this, there is always Green Peace & Earth Liberation Front.
Hope you are feeling better. Need to have you up.