Saturday, December 29, 2012

The entire Nation: FUCK. YOU. OBAMA. AND. FEINSTEIN.

NEW YORK (AP) — The phones at Red's Trading Post wouldn't stop ringing. Would-be customers from as far away as New York wanted to know if the Twin Falls, Idaho gun shop had firearms in stock. Others clamored to find out if their orders had been shipped.
Overwhelmed, gun store manager Ryan Horsley had to do what no employee would ever think of doing just days before Christmas: He disconnected the phone lines for three whole days.
"We had to shut everything off," says Horsley, whose family has owned Red's Trading Post, the state's oldest gun shop, since 1936. "We were swamped in the store and online."
The phones at gun shops across the country are ringing off the hook. Demand for firearms, ammunition and bulletproof gear has surged since the Dec. 14 massacre in Newtown, Conn., that took the lives of 20 schoolchildren and six teachers and administrators. The shooting sparked calls for tighter gun control measures, especially for military-style assault weapons like the ones used in Newtown and in the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting earlier this year. The prospect of a possible weapons ban has sent gun enthusiasts into a panic and sparked a frenzy of buying at stores and gun dealers nationwide.
Assault rifles are sold out across the country. Rounds of .223 bullets, like those used in the AR-15 type Bushmaster rifle used in Newtown, are scarce. Stores are struggling to restock their shelves. Gun and ammunition makers are telling retailers they will have to wait months to get more.
Store owners who have been in the business for years say they have never seen demand like this before.
When asked how much sales have increased in the past few weeks, Horsley just laughed.
"We haven't even had a chance to look at it," he says. Horsley spends his days calling manufacturers around the country trying to buy more items for the store. Mainly, they tell him he has to wait.
Franklin Armory, a firearm maker in Morgan Hill, Calif., is telling dealers that it will take six months to fulfill their orders. The company plans to hire more workers and buy more machines to catch up, says Franklin Armory's President Jay Jacobson.


Uh huh. And how many of these new owners are going to rush down and register them when y'all pass laws saying we have to register our 'grandfathered' weapons? I bet you don't see near the rush - matter of fact I bet there won't even be a line to do so.
As long as we're playing the guessing game, how many folks do you think are going to hand them over peacefully when you come to collect them because they aren't registered? Personally I don't care if you have a prybar or a badge, if you're trying to take something of mine you're nothing but a fucking thief and will treated as such.


michigan doug said...

register the guns i lost in a tragic boating accident? i think not.

Jason said...

That's why I have a few swords, machetes, & a shitload of knives. A theif needs his (or her) hands cut the fuck off.

Robert Fowler said...

I read that most LEO's, including fed are telling the government to fuck off. They aren't willing to go on a suicide mission for Fineswines dream. They even quoted a USMC LtCol. that said most of the military would refuse those orders. He said probably the only ones that would, would be the E-1 newbies and the super gung ho.

I know I'm not registering a damn thing.

Bearded Youth said...

The company my brother works for here in Boise ( is a large supplier for Reds. I got a kick out them shutting off their phones cause he was telling me to go down there to pick up one of their rifles cause to order from the pws website you're looking at about a 6 month wait. Oh yeah, one more thing FUCK Feinstein.

Anonymous said...

That bitch and schumer should both be tried for treason and if found guilty they should be hanged by the neck until dead.

Bluesteelalchemist said...

I find it amazing that record numbers of rifles, shotguns, pistols, magazines, and ammunition are being sold at three to ten times the cost a month earlier and yet dear Leader says "The time has come!", might be right about that one.
Time to clean house!
I ain't registering shit.I further wrote my congress critters to that effect.
American gun owners have never came out and said kill the opposition. By in my home state of Texas we have an asshole Democrat Party leader John Cobarruvias, who published just such a thing. This Asshole works for NASA, and has violated several Federal Laws beyond Terroristic Threats. How do the Democrats respond? THEY PROMOTE HIM.
Wait..he said he was sorry...
Dude called for killing me and my family.
Fuck you, my response was loading my AK and giving my address!