Saturday, December 29, 2012

Timing is everything

I've gotten a few emails over the past few months concerning caching arms and ammo as well as other sensitive equipment and supplies - how deep to bury them, how to camouflage the sites, how to prepare the items, etc.
Boys, this ain't the time to be burying them - now's the time to be digging them up. They ain't gonna do you a bit of fucking good buried in the ground hundreds of yards away when the cops are stacking up outside your door.
Dig them up, load them and be ready for the Dark Times coming.


Anonymous said...

As amazing as it may seem, some folks might not know how to dig or lay sod. That may be an excellent survival post.

angrymike said...

Locked and loaded bud, 4, 30's. 5 '20' s and a brand new reflex.,.........i's be ready and waiting...........;)

Sarthurk said...

Been locked and loaded for years. Right now it's:
well, nevermind what it is. In any case I'd probably be dead before I shoot all that, so the rest of the guns and ammo (working on inventory now, but it's gonna be close to 10K rnds) I could cache and leave a posthumous message to someone who could use it.

Also, caching some food and "supplies" along an escape route is an interesting concept, especially if there may be check points to have to go through, that is if they can't be "eliminated" first.