Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dave's take on the Mental Health thing

Via email from Dave, posted with his permission:

Lots of focus is being put on restricting firearms ownership based on mental health history.  In fact, if I had to pick one area that Fudd recreational shooting groups like the NRA are almost sure to cave on, that would be the one.  But that's troublesome to me.  See, the Left has a long history of declaring their opponents literally insane.  They did it in the Soviet Union and in Nazi Germany.  Nowadays, the de facto standard for psych evaluation is the DSM, and surprise, surprise--every time they publish a new edition, it becomes more and more politicized.  DSM-V has not been published yet, but it has been approved by the APA and NIMH, and the changes are public.  Strangely, "hoarding" (prepping!) has been broken out into a separate category (it used to be considered a manifestation of OCD).  But that's not even the most shocking stuff.  There's a new category for "Behavioral Addictions," which translates into "hobbies."  Normal age-related forgetfulness is now "Minor Neurocognitive Disorder."  Using drugs one time puts you in the same category as an addict.  The definitions for PTSD have been relaxed.  Even regular grieving is "Major Depressive Disorder!"

Now who'd want a Majorly Depressed person owning a gun?  Or a craaaazy prepper, I mean hoarder?

Scary shit!  It's not like it's the first time we've been set up.  But this mental health check thing is going to get through because it's so damn easy to sell it.

People forget:  when you let the government outlaw or otherwise control something that isn't CLEARLY DEFINED, they will simply change the definitions of things in order to control more of them.  

When they came for the "terrorists" with the Patriot Act, I didn't object, because I wasn't a terrorist.
When they came for the illegals with the Real ID Act national biometric database, I didn't object, because I was born here.
When they came for the insane with "common-sense" gun laws, I didn't object, because I wasn't insane.
Then they moved the goalposts, and I became a second-class citizen, a crazy person, and domestic terrorist overnight

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Anonymous said...

They are not going to outlaw guns, they are going to outlaw people.

Lyle Gjovig