Friday, January 25, 2013

Don't ask if ya don't wanna know

Tom used to be my warehouse manager and I always got along real good with him, then he got promoted up to Distribution Center assistant manager, #2 guy on site. He still passes through occasionally, and always stops to say hi, hear a joke and bum a chew off me.
Today he was doing a walk-through with another guy I'd never seen before and comes over to me and hollers "KennyLane, how the hell are you, man?"
Murder and rape, baby, murder and rape" I grin at him and shake his hand.
"Murder and rape?"
"Yup, killin' time and fucking the company. Murder and rape."
He shakes his head. "You say that to me, and you've got a goddamned smile on your face. Jesus Christ....."
Later I found out that the guy that was with him was HIS boss. Oh well, he can't say Tom ain't got a good rapport with his employees.


Devil Tongue said...

I would hire your ass in a second, if nothing more than for your honesty. However, living in Florida does not allow one to donate to the gubbernment as much as you would like ;-)

crankyjohn said...

How politically incorrect, I am shocked I say, just shocked.

RichardR said...

Killin' time and fuckin' the company.....'Murirca!