Thursday, January 10, 2013

Enough of the zombie bullshit

Okay, I just ain't getting this zombie thing that's going on. When it first started - or when I first noticed it - a year or so ago I figured it was just a passing thing and 6 months down the road it would run it's course and we'd never hear about it again, but fuck, every time I turn around it's zombie this and zombie that. Hell, there's even zombie killin' ammo out on the market.
What the fuck, have we turned into a nation of voodoo believers or what? I mean, I've never been into fantasy fiction much, never read the Lord of the Rings, but when I'm looking at books about the Apocalypse and it's sounding pretty good and I'm fixing to buy it, there's a goddamned zombie working it's way into the story line.
Fuck man, we got enough real life villains and face-eating dope fiends to work with, what in the hell do we need zombies for? Next thing you know we're gonna have folks eviscerating chickens and shit to read their innards before they make any kind of life or death decisions.
The vampire fad with the youngsters was bad enough but zombies? Give me a fucking break.