Monday, January 14, 2013

Making his displeasure known

A man allegedly spit in the face of a Secret Service agent guarding the Chicago home of President Obama, officials said.
Kevin Lawrence, 46, approached a police vehicle after Christmas and spit inside the agent’s car, hitting him on his face and neck, police documents allege.
The Hyde Park resident was ordered to be held on $50,000 bond on Sunday.
According to the Chicago Tribune, Lawrence allegedly approached the agent’s vehicle on December 29.
Police records state that the man then split inside the car and hit the agent on his face and neck.
Lawrence was only arrested Saturday, despite allegedly committing the crime some two weeks prior. 
It is unclear why it took Chicago police two weeks to make the arrest.
Records show that Lawrence is also a resident of Hyde Park.
He is scheduled in court next week.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean he won`t get a " Free Obama Phone "?.

R.R. said...

I thought he was one of Obama's constituents. Why would he do something like that. Kinda biting the hand that probably feeds him.