Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More from the emails

I think these comments apply to your Miami Training post, but are probably too long for the comments spot.  But for you to consider and use or not as you see fit. I’ve circulated this to some other concerned friends. Carefully sanitized for everyone’s peace of mind.
In May the same thing happened in the Miami area.
Its called "preparing the battlefield". It gets people used to seeing
military action going on in their own backyard, so the sheep will not be
alarmed when one of the many drills turns out to be the real thing. It also
desensitizes troops to going through the motions in proximity to their
families, so it will seem like just another training exercise for a while
when the real thing happens. Even the troops and junior officers will not
realize what is happening until it is too late and they've been committed
and compromised. Some who intend to be oathkeepers may be compromised before
they even realize it. The warning of the actual operation will come only
when the troops are issued with live rounds instead of blanks.
But what if their intended target just happened to be jihadist cells in the
USA? And what if all those Benson memos were "maskirovka" to calm and
mislead the Hajis about the target until the surprise swoop? Wilderness of
mirrors. This is why technical intelligence goes only so far, and you really
need human intelligence to discern the plan in the mind of the commander.
I think we're moving toward the final endgame. But what is the game? Where
are the goals and who is on what team? And who do you trust? At this point
I think we're playing poker. If the patriots react by shooting first, they
could provide the justification for a general crackdown and make themselves
into the bad guys, Shooting at the US Army would be seen as a justification for
general confiscation and martial law. As I've been saying, we must be
willing to accept the necessity of absorbing the first hit. At this stage,
paramount is the battle for public (and lower ranks military) opinion. And
don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes.
On the other hand, such drills are a two-edged sword. Remember the old
adage, an army fights the way it trains. Those in proximity should observe
and study carefully. Think of this as training opportunities for us as
Yes I'm at maximum pucker factor, been there for a while.


ghostsniper said...

"If the patriots react by shooting first, they could provide the justification for a general crackdown and make themselves
into the bad guys"
They don't have to shoot first, the communists just have to say they shot first and the media will run with it. Never forget, you are dealing with absolute monsters here. If you underestimate them you do so at your own peril. Kill first, deal later. No one, I repeat, NO ONE ever has the right to accost you, ever.

Anonymous said...

Daaa-yumn! I am fucking humbled. Mother-fucking humbled.
Just watch, hold your fire till the proper moment, and God Bless, my fellow threepers.

Lisa said...

ah Fuck...
I think I am going to throw up now, and continue prepping