Sunday, January 13, 2013

My grooming problems are over, thanks to Russ III

A while back I did a post bitching and moaning because the teeth keep breaking out of my combs and so Russ III emails me for a shipping address, saying that a relative retired from the good folks that made Brylcreem, that they also made an indestructible comb as well as hair dressing and that he had a few left and would I like some?
Well, hell yeah I would - I don't turn down free shit (I know, how liberal of me), especially free shit that I have an immediate use for.
So yesterday the mail runs and there's a large envelope from Russ III. I opened it and about pissed all over the kitchen floor right then and there. He didn't send me a few indestructible Brylcreem combs - he sent me a fucking dozen, man. If they live up to their claim of being indestructible, I've got enough combs to last me a half dozen (gotta take losing them into consideration, ya know) lifetimes, even with my hippie hair.

Hopefully they'll stand up to me shoving my 45 magazines in my back pocket better than this cheap piece of shit Conair comb that I bought from El Walmarto a couple weeks ago.