Monday, January 14, 2013


Via email from Jack:

Another Current Event Vent......

Our 2nd Amendment is under attack and it appears that many Americans do not understand it's purpose.
Many Americans are confusing the 2nd Amendment with hunting, shooting and collecting.
It is for the protection against Tyranny. Tyranny is real and it is evil.Tyranny makes the Newtown shooter appear to be boy scout.

When a government is ruling by edict and not by leadership,it is a real reason for concern.

The 2nd Amendment was bought and paid for in American blood and there are individuals in this country who would give it away. 
People who have not experienced Tyranny or nor have they have fought against it
Too many have not seen the broken bodies of the men who made the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom, our Liberty, our Country and our Constitution. 

These men and women did not die so the innocent would be disarmed and the vulnerable to be unprotected. The solutions our politicians are offering us will disarm the law abiding and leave massive firepower in the hands of the felons. It is ineffective feel good legislation for the masses. Disarming the populous is the first stage of Tyranny. 

Young Americans have not experienced the collapse of government and the chaos that follows. They are unaware of the danger.
Apparently Jon Stewart doesn't discuss these issues on the Daily Show;

Lets pray that clear minds with strong backbones prevail with real solutions.



Tony Tsquared said...

Article 10 has been muscled out over the years by various administrations. Article 4 was trampled on during Katrina.

Obama threw out Article 5 & 6 when he had a Predator blow that American born Shithead up in Yemen. There was no indictment, trial, or sentencing. It was just an execution of an American citizen (a sorry assed piece of shit citizen but still a citizen).

I fear Obama will do the same with Article 2...


Heisenbug said...

If they can't see that tyranny has arrived in the form of Obama, then they're beyond help. He's just removing to final obstacles to declaring himself Emperor for Life.