Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You're setting the price, folks.

Bobby writes in:

The Great Southern Gun and Knife show is in Kenner, Louisiana this weekend. I live in Metairie about 6 miles from there. Safe to say, I won't be there! It's been coming around alot - about twice a month. This past weekend it was in Gonzales, LA. about 50 miles from here. My buddy went to get ammo because there is nothing worth having at any of our stores. Academy has not had a .22 on the shelf for a while now. Don't even look for .38,.357,.40,.41, .44, 5.56, 5.7,  or 7.62 x ANYTHING. Need shotgun shells, they have tons! 
Back to the story, So this guy  goes and buys a box of Winchester 333. 333 rounds per box usually about 11.00 locally.
They were charging 38 fucking dollars per 333. Since he paid that I told him he was part of the problem. 
What a shame, I went about 5 times last year. But, I'm also willing to keep the paper in my pocket and place me a nice little online order and wait the 3 weeks.
Just some musings from the dirty south


Yeah, there's no fucking way in hell I would pay more that 15 bucks (and that's if I was real desperate) for 333 rounds of 22LR.
You're absolutely right though, Bobby. It's all about demand - if fuckers will pay it, that's what it'll sell for.

It wasn't very long ago that friends and relatives were laughing at me for buying 5.56 every week, even before I owned one, and look who's laughing now. I'm not hurting for ammo - matter of fact, I've got enough that if nothing happened, I will never run out for the rest of my life.


Wrench said...

Bought a box of 22 .lr Choot It CCR rounds at Junta Trading Post 2 weeks ago for $27. Bought a box a Gander Mtn a week before that for today's $29. Like Wirecutter, been stocking up over past several years.

Devil Tongue said...

Timely post W.C.
I dropped into my local Bang shop today on the way back home from my last job. It was a multi-purpose visit, I wanted to buy some ammo & check the status of thier AR line as well as check on a 45XDS. They had Boxes stacked on top of boxes of ammo (except 223, NONE in the store), there was no line I was first and purchased 200 rounds of 40 for my new M&P 40 & 200 rounds for my S&W 357 model 19. I made a comment to the guy about the price, they went from $34.75 to $36.75 per hundred since I was in there about 3 months ago, the attendant shruged and said "they went up on us".

There was not a single AR style rifle in the place and the Man.'s (not a single one) will even commit to a back order date for delivery.

It was a fun end to a good work day, speaking to all the elderly gentlemen sitting on the front portch.

ASM826 said...

If something does happen, you will never run out for the rest of your life, either.

wirecutter said...

Yeah, no shit, huh?

Anonymous said...

...and here I saw someone drop a base-level DPMS AR-15 into the newspaper for $4000... It ain't just the ammo they're gouging. I keep telling folks, if it's not a normal (or close to it) price, leave it be. If it all drops in the pot, there's gonna be ammo to be claimed.


taminator013 said...

I, too started buying .223 ammo a few years back even before I had my AR. This was when the Commie won (stole) his first election. If memory serves I think I stockpiled about 5500 rds. About 50/50 reloadable/steel case. I used to buy Remington .22LR at Dick's (aptly named)when it was on sale for $14.98 for a brick of 500. Got a ton of the Federal 333s at a closeout about 10 years ago for $4.95 apiece. All my buddies used to think that I was nuts. Look who's laughing now.......dumb bastards. I used to get bricks of all manner of primers, too when they were still about $10/1000. I think that they're about 3 times that now. By the way, I would never be one to post a shitty comment here. You are one scary looking dude.

wirecutter said...

And yet I'm as gentle as a newborn lamb.

Pakkinpoppa said...

My local Meijer.
They have fish for my 3 year old to look at.
Used to have a decent ammo section as well.
Recently the handgun case has been empty of all but occasional 380 and Joke Bullets (the Zombie Max from Hornady). No 22 long rifle.

And what I consider a sign of the Pokkyclipse, they've run out of .30-30 ammunition.


This is in Central Ohio. If I was located in a town that bordered another state (because all the states around Ohio but Ohio one can use rifles to hunt, but not here) I might not consider that to be noteworthy, but normally they have about 60 to 80 boxes in stock, in 4 types, now it's all gone. They haven't had 22 since...well, I can't remember. I'd been putting a box or two of something in my shopping cart for quite some time now just for principle, either .30-30, 22, 38, 357, something.

Glad I have been, I recall back in 2007 I had decent stock, but couldn't replace it. Folks who talk about "maybe buying a box of ammo" amuse me. Seriously...if your ammunition stock is a single open box that's mostly empty, why the frog do you own a gun for?

Neil A Russell said...

I'm mostly pissed at myself for trusting my rusty memory and thinking I had plenty of 22LR

I did not, just a few boxes. Dammit.

Over the last couple of years I've been stocking up on everything else and have a lot more than I could swim with in 8 Mauser, 7.62x39, .45ACP, 9mm, 7.62x25, 32ACP, and even .25. Everything except for those itty bitty 22s.

Just bought a 45LC pistol and think I got the last four boxes of ammo anywhere for a little while.

Paid dearly for them too, but prices will likely be back down by the time I ever shoot them all up.

WiscoDave said...

Saw an article that said Academy was rationing purchases. (Sent an email)

Anonymous said...

North Idaho...Black Sheep Sporting Goods...out of .30-.30, 22LR 525 rnds for $17.99 which used to be 500 rnds for $15.99....many other calibers out of stock, but they had tons of shotgun ammo.
Miss V