Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Protecting your hands

We all know how expensive body armor is, starting about $250 for Level IIIA and climbing from there (and I don't care what you've heard from lefties claiming it can be had for $80 on the internet - that ain't so) but one thing that can and absolutely needs to be protected is your hands. You can't hold a rifle, much less shoot one if you're hands are damaged. Without the use of his hands, a fighter is no longer a fighter, he's a casualty and a liability to the rest of you. And I don't know about you, but I'm obsessive about protecting my trigger fingers and thumbs from injury.
Fortunately, Kevlar gloves are available online as well as at some auto repair stores for $25 and up. While they won't protect you from direct hits, they may make the difference when it comes to burns, knife cuts, and fragmentation from rock chips, ricochets and grenade frag.
They can be bought in plain fabric (auto repair), tactical style (police) and also leather/Kevlar (military) as well as different styles within those categories, allowing you to pick the type of glove you need to fit your purpose. If you require a gauntlet, you can buy it. If you require hard knuckle Kevlar gloves for close-in fighting, they're there. You name your game and there's a glove for you.
I could list several different different styles and prices but you can go to eBay and check them out in your spare time with prices, specs, styles and pictures. There's a large variety - go HERE  to see for yourself.
A tip: I'd stay away from the mechanic's gloves - they tend to be way too loose fitting for our purposes.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more Mr L

Have them in all my bags, especially gunbags. Hands v metal edges, and hot metal ? Nah guhd. The gloves that the UPS guys use are plenty good [MaxiFlex] and I hate to say that the VooDoo Tac gloves are good - MaoMart manufacture but the price is unbeatable

BTW, folks think that the "big stuff" is gonna take them down; it's gonna be a small cut on the hand, that stays irritated with daily use, then gets infected, then then then

Make sure you have first aid aplenty for hand injury: tincture iodine, NuSkin, bandaids, duct tape, needlepoint tweezers for all those farkin goatheads, cohesive blah blah blah


WiscoDave said...

Progs probably mistake plate carriers for the complete package.
This link has some decent info on body armor:

Edward Teach said...

What's this site called again? :-)

Anonymous said...


Just opened up a new Cold Steel Voyager. Lockback. Nudged it down after unlocking and it descends onto my index finger

Sharp. Iodine, NuSkin. Bandaid

Yup; I'm a mouthbreather. Verified


OutbackJack said...

I wonder how much chain saw chaps would stop. The last ones I looked at were 6 ply kevlar

taminator013 said...

I'm glad that you mentioned this. We get tons of them where I work. I didn't really like the original ones that were rubber clad on the palms and fingers. Too stiff for most apps, but they are really good for when you fillet fish. The new style that we got are a lot more like shooting gloves. Really snug and comfy.........

WiscoDave said...

The only thing I'm concerned about is size. If I spend $80 on the web I want to know they'll fit. Any ideas/suggestions?

Bonnie Gadsden said...

Wasnt sure on sizing, so i bought two sizes Less than $50 for both pairs