Friday, February 08, 2013

Big Sis is all over my ass

Over the past few days I've discovered (with solid proof) that my email and phone are being monitored. Messages have been received by me and supposedly sent by me by text and email that when scrutinized turned out to false. When I've asked the sender about the email or text message they deny sending it. It's been going on now for 3 days that I know of.
Why the assholes decided to play the game - they had to know I was going to find out - I have no idea. Why tip their hand? It's not going to stop me or my dedication, all it did was to make me more wary.
But please understand that there will be no more private correspondence via email or phone between me and my friends until I can get encryption keys to them.
I will continue to receive pictures and links via email for my blog, but that's it.

To those that read my blog, please know that you're probably being monitored as well.

To the friend that wants a face to face with me next week - I'll take your call but don't be offended when I ask for information that's known only to me and you and yes, that call will probably be monitored. I will let you know how to let me know the time and place you've chosen for the meet.

I'll end this post with this - my good friends and regular readers know me pretty well. If you see something on my blog or in an email that sounds out of character, question it.
If this blog suddenly disappears, it's not my doing.