Friday, February 22, 2013

I may regret this

Miss Lisa has started her own blog after the fight we had (and I lost) the other day over me posting her gay dude on my blog. Her first post has an introduction from me, but that's the last you'll hear from me there. It's her blog.
It's girly shit mostly (recipes, book talk, and such) although she has threatened to throw in a few stories about Wirecutter, What He Doesn't Tell You - like the first time I ever went to one of them drive-through car washes.
Give it a whirl and tell her hey! for me. I think you Ladies will enjoy it.
Barbed Wire and Bracelets


crankyjohn said...

Happy wife, happy life, you poor bastard.

Robert Fowler said...

OK, a couple of things. She's not reading my blog? Does she know what she's missing?

There is no "follow" option. You might need to help her get the followers thing set up. It's a lot easier if she shows up on my blog list.

OK, three things. Just how good are those biscuits?

hiswiserangel said...

Listed and have a passle of um, male hotties, to send her way. Doms every one.

"1989 sacless" are you fucking kidding me?

Sara said...

I have decided that I am an idiot, I can not figure out how to leave a comment on her page, I don't have any of those accounts it is telling me I need.. But I will be reading it.

AbbyS said...

HA!!! I KNEW she'd do it!!! I'm not right very often, so on those rare occaissions, I do gloat....

Go Miss Lisa!!
Kenny, you picked a keeper!

Anonymous said...

I have tried leaving a comment every way I can with my wordpress account and it just keeps telling me my account can't be verified. I hate computers.
Welcome Miss Lisa to the Intertards!
as for that last post, I say ummmm, no, he is NOT a hottie. ;)
Miss Violet

WiscoDave said...

Good luck with the blog - one more place for me to stop!
[Ken - no Name/URL option, I can't comment on here site. Had same problem w/seaspoke.