Monday, February 25, 2013

Montgomery County, Texas

Huh, that motherfucker's big enough to be easily shot down.
Remember, when shooting at a rotary wing aircraft, aim for the tail rotor. That's very vulnerable and when damaged it loses torque control causing the aircraft to crash or spin out of control.
Just a little tip from your ol' Uncle Wirecutter......

By the way, the 'crime in progress' shown at the 1:10 mark is a legal gun sale in the State of Texas.


  1. At 500K each the casualty v. cost could get ugly fast.

  2. Keep back 100'. Haha, wishful thinking if it's ever caught on the ground.

  3. Let's see - 100 feet is 33 yards. Easily within shotgun range.

  4. That wont fucking last long down here, MFer will venture out over a Ranch and that will be the last they see of that Shit..We dont do UFO's here

  5. If they want to use those fuckers to find lost hikers in the desert or the woods, I have no problem with that. But as soon as those fuckers start flying over peoples houses I hope they shoot every one of them down. The government would not spy on its own people would it?

  6. "Remember, when shooting at a rotary wing aircraft, aim for the tail rotor."

    I disagree...with the proper equipment, a main rotor shot could be your best bet. To whit:

    "Let's see - 100 feet is 33 yards. Easily within shotgun range."

    (2) + (1) + (1) = Proper load for a main-rotor shot.

    Some (re)assembly required.

  7. Yep, wonder how high these usually fly? Anyone really know?

    Sure seems like they would be vulnerable if the ones being watcher decided they didn't want to be.

    Mighty expensive loss for a city or town if that happened.

  8. A reward/bounty needs to be organized/collected for the first to bring one down.
    Altitude is in their favor. They can get up there and still watch you.
    Papa Mike

  9. HOLY CRAP! That is an hour north of me! My brother lives in that county. Wonder if he knows about it?

  10. that is about 15 miles from home...the next county over. So far, the Sheriff we have seems to be Pro Handgun and Pro Constitution.

  11. 12ga no.6 shot. great for rabbits and small drones.just picked up 50 more rds today.shotty stuff has'nt headed for the moon yet.get it now.

  12. That sob was flying over my house and my son in laws house 5 days ago. We live next door to each other. Spent about ten minutes trying to look inside his shop. He finally closed the door. He said it couldn't have been more than 200' in the air. Sorry bastards.


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